ZETT MESS services

With our extensive experience in coordinate measurement technology, ZETT MESS offers you competent support for all tasks and problems relating to measurement technology – worldwide! We offer individually tailored advice and training in our training center or at your location.
  • Upgrades and conversions
  • Maintenance / Calibration
  • Comprehensive training offering/seminars
  • Parts programming
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We provide you with comprehensive support when it comes to optimally integrating measuring machines from ZETT MESS into your manufacturing process. Our comprehensive training offering ensures that your employees are able to exploit all the possibilities of the complex measuring machines and the respective software.

The design of the CNC programs and the interpretation of the measurement results is of crucial importance for the entire production chain. Our training courses therefore combine practice and theory and lay the foundations for competent and experienced employees.

Comprehensible and comprehensive training documents accompany the seminars and make it easier for participants to follow up at home or in your company.

For detailed questions, please contact our sales department. We will be happy to inform you about our individual program and training offers:service@zettmess.de.

Maintenance & Calibration

Maintenance and calibration includes the following operations:

  • General cleaning of the machine
  • Checking the bearings in the foot and in the cross slide
  • Checking and readjusting the base plate
  • Checking the drive and brakes
  • Check and adjust drive belts X, Y, Z
  • Check the drive units X, Y, Z and adjust
  • Checking and readjusting the tethers
  • Checking the clamping function
  • Checking the fold covering in X, Y, Z (if available)
  • Complex inspection and readjustment of the pair of guide rails and the wipers
  • Checking and readjusting the geometry in X, Y, Z
  • Complete check and recalibration of the incremental length measuring system
  • Final dimension measurement according to VDI / VDE 2617
  • Checking and readjusting the recording head and the associated tool
  • Complex electrical/electronic checks
  • Visual inspection of the electronics in the machine and computer
  • Safety check: grounding, emergency stop system shutdown and other safety devices
  • Checking the electronic button and its supply lines
  • Functional test of the existing button system
  • Checking the computer in terms of software and hardware
  • Testing and possibly adjusting speed, offset and CNC precision with test programs in the controller
  • Checking the handheld terminal: display, function keys, keyboard, motor function and joystick (test program in the computer)
  • Functional test of the safety device (CNC only)
  • Visual inspection of the reference sphere
For detailed questions, please contact service@zettmess.de.

Converting coordinate measuring machines – retrofit

Retrofitting measuring machines has become very popular because it restores full performance to a measuring device that works very well due to its function. However, its electronic and software capabilities no longer reach the levels required by today’s market. An upgrade (retrofitting) therefore provides undeniable technical and financial benefits. ZETT MESS has decades of experience in this area and has already converted several hundred measuring machines. We develop our own software and electronics. Our team also includes mechanical engineers who take care of complete maintenance and also carry out mechanical upgrades if required.

ZETT MESS has already converted its own measuring machines and various third-party products:

  • DEA
  • MFO
  • MORA
  • FARO

Upgrading (retrofitting) includes some of the following measures: Cabling, replacing electronics (rules, controllers, amplifiers, etc.), updating control software, stylus accessories, calibrating the measuring machine, geometry compensation, replacing a linear measuring device. System through a digital measuring system and much more.

Send us an email if you are interested in upgrading your measuring machine: info@zettmess.de.