The mobile measuring arm AMPG – 3D measuring arm

The mobile AMPG measuring arm from ZETT MESS is a transportable coordinate measuring machine. The use cases range from pure quality and production control in the production line to crash test measurements at measuring points that are difficult to access, interior measurements to scanning and digitizing surfaces in the design area. The 3D measuring arm AMPG can be optionally equipped with a fixed probe tip, a switching button, a laser sensor or a pipe measuring fork. The measured values ​​are recorded either by pressing a button or automatically and transmitted to the connected computer.


To use

  • Saving time and increasing productivity
  • Cost reduction through portability
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduzierte Nacharbeit und stark verminderter Ausschuss

Merkmale AMPG

  • Flexible mounting options: mounting base, tripod, magnetic base, 7th axis
  • Pneumatic parking brake
  • Electric stroke adjustment of the rollers
  • Remote control of the computer via an integrated mouse in the front joint area
  • Quick position changes thanks to electrical stroke adjustment of the rollers


To expand the measuring range, ZETT MESS offers a 7th axis for the AMPG with precision linear guides depending on the design type as well as a measuring system, accuracy according to VDI/VDE 2617 per meter approx. 10 – 20 µm. The position of the 7th axis is automatically included in the 3D coordinates of the measuring tip by the measuring software, so that the operator can fully concentrate on his measuring task.

The AMPG Knick was developed for measuring tasks that require a high degree of flexibility. The AMPG Knick is ideal for particularly flat measurements in the interior of housings, cabins and vehicles as well as overhead measurements

Manually guided, transportable 6-axis measuring arm (3D measuring arm) type Gauge

  • Short setup and set-up times
  • Can be used under workshop conditions
  • Immediate display and logging of results
  • Immediate display and logging of results
  • Recording for rigid and self-triggering buttons
  • One-handed operation and comfortable handling thanks to integrated weight compensation (strain relief)
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Adjustments possible upon customer request

Pipe measuring station with the Zett Mess 3D measuring arm


Our 3D measuring arm offers you the freedom to capture complex objects and surfaces with ease. The flexibility and agility of this state-of-the-art instrument allows you to easily reach every nook and cranny to take precise measurements.

The integrated laser scanner captures details with breathtaking accuracy. The high-resolution scanning technology allows you to precisely reproduce the finest structures and surfaces. Capture reality in a digital format with amazing precision. Maximize your efficiency, minimize errors and achieve a new level of perfection in your projects.