The basis of our company was founded in 1960. At the beginning our production dealt with designing and constructing precision and special machines.

As seen in the stages of development, our company has continuously improved. Today there is a first-class production plant with an excellent production machine park. The machines are subject to constant overhauling in order to achieve increasingly high levels of accuracy in the production. Our company’s buildings have been permanently expanded and are in a very good condition. Two thirds of the plant were built after 1980. It has a 20 ° Celsius air-conditioned screening room and a 90-metre-long assembly hall in order to meet today’s customer needs.

In 1999 we produced a 56-metre-long measuring machine for Volkswagen. We only obtained this order because we were able to deliver the measuring machines with the 6-axes articulated measuring arms and the adequate software interface. Another reason for this was that all machine parts are manufactured by ourselves in our modern CNC-controlled machinery production in order to be always cost-effective and flexible.

In the mid-seventies we started with the production of marking and measuring machines. The product range was expanded step by step, and today, we are one of the biggest companies worldwide regarding the line production of columns measuring machines. ZETT MESS is a manufacturer of measuring machines with a total output of approximately 3500 measuring machines, now used by large and small companies worldwide, We are a first address for coordinate measuring machines on the world market .

The development of the product range led to many innovations in the field of measuring instruments, protected by a sufficiently large number of patents. ZETT MESS produces the world’s best patented dustprotected and dirtprotected measuring machines in the world market, special attention should be paid to the cooperation with Porsche and Volkswagen.

In the eighties ZETT MESS GmbH was one of the first manufacturers of measuring machines, which developed together with the University of Göttingen, a non-contact laser scanning system using the triangulation method. This system has been continuously improved. It serves as the basis for the digitization of unknown surfaces and is complemented by a corresponding image processing. At present the point clouds are recorded with a mobile laser scanner for mobile and measuring machines, and processed further with an appropriate software. Our entire measuring machines are manufactured most precisely setting a high standard. At the beginning of 1995 ZETT MESS introduced an optimal photographic capturing system in collaboration with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Massen, Konstanz. Thus the client has been enabled to capture a three dimensional field of 140x108x100 mm³ in size.

Our program of measuring machines covers the complete measuring machine range as required on the market. Through our own mechanical, electronical and software developments everything is provided by one company only. In the early nineties our production program was extended with mobile multi-axes-arms. We can also offer our customers a large variety of optimal measuring devices for check. In 1990 ZETT MESS developed the AMPG Winkel, in 2005 the AMPG Knick and in 2008 the AMPG Gabel belonging to the category of portable measuring arms. Thus even here a large variety of models is available supplied in standard lengths of 1500 – 5000 mm.

ZETT MESS is one of the first manufacturers offering a column measuring device which links a separate 6-axes articulated measuring arm to a 9-axes measuring machine. This is possible because ZETT MESS employs a force-fitted scanning head with an eccentric bolt.This development is legally protected for ZETT MESS through the use of registered designs and patents . We have also concluded a cooperation agreement with the German Cancer Research. Our measuring devices are used in operations to capture the coordinates of the human body most accurately. The first measuring machine has been in operation since 2000.

The measuring machine software, developed by ZETT MESS employees, is PTB certified. It fulfills the requirements of practice and is maintained by a constant evolution and thus always on the cutting edge of technology. The software development provides ZETT MESS with a high flexibility enabling us to offer the right solution for each application. The user-friendly interface of the software makes it possible to fully concentrate on the actual measuring task. A remote machine programme, based on CAD, was realized at a separate work station. This means a great advantage for every user. The DMIS interpreter was developed in collaboration with VW and Skoda. The full integration of the 3D coordinate measuring machine into the CAD environment is possible. Standardized DMIS programs can easily run on our machines. Today ZETT MESS is capable to create DMIS programs with its own software.

The CNC controller of the machines can be upgraded to a path control up to 8 axes.

To be on the safe side we would like to emphasize that ZETT MESS was the first manufacturer of measuring machines , TÜV-certified. The machines were mechanically and electrically checked and were allowed to use the GS mark.

Highest standards are applied in the production of the machinery . In 1994 ZETT MESS was one of the first producers of measuring machines certified by ISO 9001. Since the spring of 2001, the certification has been performed by ISO 9001: 2000 and QS 9000 and has been adjusted with the Certificate Supplement VDA6, Part 4. Since 2008 ZETT MESS has been certified by the German Accreditation Council as a testing laboratory for dimensional variables according to DIN EN / / EC 17025:2005 .

For ZETT MESS the vision of the future for the measuring machine construction means:

“Precise and Rapid”, in order to guarantee a zero-defect manufacturing flow. The increasing use of robots makes it essential to ensure high-precision assembly and joining processes. Therefore the company motto is: “High-tech custom-made“ Our company’s philosophy as an innovative and flexible medium-sized company has always been to provide our customers with an extensive range of individual variations and intelligent solutions for hardware and software for the 3-D coordinate measurement.

This vision combined with our manifold measuring machines lets ZETT MESS look positively into the future of automation.