Electronics and controls

In order to solve his measuring tasks, the operator communicates via the measuring software with a PC, which is integrated in a table-sized control rack. The 3-axis control of the machine is either housed in this control rack or designed as a moving control on the machine base.

The 3-axis control is optimized so that dynamic driving at high speed and high acceleration is possible, as well as gentle positioning during the probing process. The control can be expanded to five axes so that 5-axis milling operations can be carried out with the measuring machine.

ZT12, wired

The measuring software is installed on the PC, with which measuring programs can either be programmed offline or taught directly on the machine. For this purpose, ZETT MESS CNC machines can be motorized using joysticks or a handwheel.

To enable comfortable working, ZETT MESS offers the DIALOG XXI control panel. It can be attached to the measuring machine to save space, with which it then travels constantly. If the operator desires more flexibility, the DIALOG XXI can be placed on a device base that can be moved on rollers. The operator can therefore freely carry the control panel around in the measuring environment or even on the measuring plate and is thus always in the picture.

ZT14, wired or wireless

The extremely compact DIALOG XXI has an MF2 keyboard with special keys (can be defined via software), a trackball, a 15″ TFT display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and, in the CNC version, joysticks.

If a maximum of flexibility is required for confusing measurement objects, the operator can also use two different remote controls. The ZT12 offers the important basic functions for the process, while the ZT14 has numerous useful additional functions. The ZT14 is supplied with a cable connection as standard and can optionally be equipped with a radio remote control.